Only Fools and Horses: Here’s what the 6 Damien Trotter actors have been up to from EastEnders role to Hollywood movie

In 1991, Del Boy and his partner Raquel Turner (Tessa Peake Jones) welcomed the newest Trotter into the world as baby Damien was born and luckily, the doting parents didn’t name their sprog ‘Rodney, after Dave’ as Trigger suggested.
Hooky dealer Del (David Jason) always looked at his son like a chip off the old block and a complete angel, but in Rodney’s (Nicholas Lyndhurst) eyes, his nephew was the Antichrist. Although teenage Damien became a savior to his uncle Rodney after he placed Cassandra’s birth control pills inside Uncle Albert’s urn and the pair consequently became parents to baby Joan in the final Only Fools and Horses episode in 2003.

In the space of 12 years, there were six actors who played the role of Damien Trotter, and it’s no surprise some of them went to star in popular TV shows and movies. So, here’s a look at actors who played the descendant of Peckham’s finest wheeler-dealer and what they have been up to since appearing on the show.
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Patrick McManus, Robert Liddement and Grant Stevens

Del Boy with Raquel, Rodney and baby Damien
Del Boy and Raquel have baby Damien together (Image: BBC)
Damien Trotter was born in 1991 during the episode Three Men, A Woman And A Baby, and was first played by actor Patrick McManus.

However, during the Miami Twice we see Damien get christened at the beginning of the episode and he is now played by Grant Stevens.
One year later, the Mother Nature’s Son Christmas special aired on TV, and this time around Damien was portrayed by Robert Liddement.

However, since their appearances on the hit show, not much else is known about either Patrick, Grant or Robert, which is no surprise considering they were small babies at the height of their fame.

Grant Stevens as baby Damien Trotter in Miami Twice
Grant Stevens as baby Damien Trotter in Miami Twice (Image: BBC)
Douglas Hodge

Douglas Hodge as Damien Trotter in Only Fools and Horses in the future
Douglas Hodge as Damien Trotter in Only Fools and Horses (Image: BBC)
The Heroes and Villains episode aired in 1996 and opens with Rodney’s futuristic dream where his ‘evil’ nephew Damien is head of the very powerful Trotters Independent Traders, who rule the Western world.
This particular scene is set in the year 2026 and Damien is now declaring war on China from their headquarters Trotters Towers.
Rodney, on the other hand, is a washed-up messenger whilst Uncle Albert’s body has been preserved and all he can say is his trademark phrase “During the war…” on an annoying constant loop.
Baddie adult Damien is played by actor Douglas Hodge who is a Hollywood movie star. The 62-year-old has also starred in some of television’s hottest shows including London’s Burning (1988), Spooks (2005), Skins (2010), Outnumbered (2010), and Black Mirror (2017) – to name a few.

Douglas Hodge attends the 28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at Barker Hangar on February 27, 2022 in Santa Monica, California
TV and movie actor Douglas Hodge pictured earlier this year (Image: WireImage)
Douglas kicked off his very successful acting career in 1985 when he appeared in the series Smith & Jones before starring as Geoffrey in Sorry! a year later.
He’s also played many movie roles during his successful acting career, including Dan in The Descent Part 2 (2009), Sir Robert Loxley in Robin Hood (2010), and Paul Burrell in Diana (2013).
In 2019 Douglas played Alfred Pennyworth in Joker, which also starred Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro. The same year, he also starred in Gemini Man which stars Will Smith in the lead role.
Most recently Douglas starred as Simon in the flick A Grand Romantic Gesture.
Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith as Damien in Only Fools and Horses
Jamie Smith as Damien in Only Fools and Horses (Image: BBC)
Actor Jamie Smith portrayed Damien between 1993 and 1996 as he starred in the episodes: Heroes and Villains, Modern Men and Time On Our Hands.
In Heroes and Villians, Damien famously asks Rodney if he ‘wants to play war’ as Rodney looks at him shell-shocked. Sadly little is known about the whereabouts of the young actor nearly 30 years after finding fame on the BBC sitcom.
Ben Smith

Del Boy and Damien Trotter in Monte Carlo
Del Boy and Damien Trotter in Monte Carlo (Image: Mark Boudillon/BBC)
The last actor to take on the role of ‘devil child’ Damien was Ben Smith.
In 2001, Only Fools and Horses made an epic comeback after five years for three legendary Christmas specials. Actor Ben Smith took on the role of Damien Trotter in the episodes that followed the Trotters after they had become millionaires.
Since appearing in Only Fools, Ben has enjoyed a successful career in acting and now looks completely different from his days in Peckham.
Born in North London, the 32-year-old actor has appeared in many popular television shows including Teachers, The Bill, Help! I’m a Teenage Outlaw, Misfits, Doctor Who, Holby City, and Goodnight Mister Tom.

Ben Smith as Tegs in EastEnders in 2018
Ben Smith as Tegs in EastEnders in 2018 (Image: BBC)
He also played Reece Keys in the movie Passer By alongside the actor James Nesbitt. In 2008, Ben played Tegs Teague in EastEnders as the main leader of a gang called “the E20” who stole from the market, harassed Dot Branning, and tried to verbally abuse Shirley Carter.
During four episodes Tegs wreaked havoc in Albert Square and eventually stabbed Jay Brown before getting arrested. He was a right git, as Del Boy would say! In 2015, Ben appeared in an episode of Manchester crime drama No Offence, as well as playing a soldier in the TV short Native.
He also starred in the movie Come Out of the Woods in 2017 which follows three brothers struggling in Scotland.
Most recently Ben played the role of Robbie Lennox in the series Resistance (2019) which is the sequel series to the 2016 Rebellion, and set during the 1916 Easter Rising.

Ben Smith as Robbie Lennox and Aoife Duffin as Eithne in the RTE drama series Resistance
Ben Smith as Robbie Lennox and Aoife Duffin as Eithne in the RTE drama series Resistance (Image: RTE)
Resistance, a glossy RTE television drama that blends real and fictional characters, has shone a contemporary light on the guerrilla campaign led by Michael Collins that helped overthrow British rule in what became the Republic of Ireland a century ago.
Other notable TV and movie appearances include Silent Witness (2007), Nowhere Boy (2009), Whitechapel (2012), Scott & Bailey (2013), and many more.

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