John Wayne shot his closest friend in the back and he took perfect ‘revenge’ years later

It was only after Bond’s death that Ford was told the actor had ruined a flawless take on the Searchers. There had been a mysterious power cut while Wayne was delivering a perfect scene.
Years after The Searchers premiered, the film’s cinematographer Winton C Hoch told Ford at a Hollywood event how the late actor had carelessly pulled out a plug to use his electric razor. The crew didn’t tell the notoriously explosive director at the time, fearing his reaction.
Foch recalled that, upon hearing this, “Ford’s face turned white. He was uncharacteristically speechless because he didn’t have his favourite horse’s ass to kick around anymore.”Speaking of Bond’s death years later, Wayne said: “When you lose a friend that close after so many years together, you realize you’ve reached the time of life when the ghosts surrounding you are some of the most significant people in your life.
“Part of me knows he’s gone; another part automatically spots good parts for him. Instincts stay long after friends are gone.”
Alongside his memories, Wayne also found himself with another powerful reminder of Bond. In his will, the tough guy actor pointedly left Wayne the one item that perfectly summed up their friendship and the type of men they both were. Bond actually bequeathed to his fellow star the very same shotgun he had been shot with all those years ago.

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