How Was John Wayne Gacy Discovered?

The world learned of the unspeakable crimes of John Wayne Gacy right after his final victim, Robert Piest went missing. Officials were keeping a close eye on him, and while on surveillance, they noticed him with marijuana. He was arrested on December 21, 1978. The investigation of Robert Piest continued and what the officials discovered in Gacy’s Chicago home shook them to the core.

Gacy was executed on May 10, 1994, by lethal injection. His final meal included a bucket of KFC, french fries, some deep-fried shrimp, fresh strawberries, and a Diet Coke. According to ThoughtCo. his final words before getting executed were, “Kiss my ass.” He was even growling while saying these words.
What did investigators find in John Wayne Gacy’s house?
According to Esquire, on December 11, 1978, a 15-year-old boy named Robert Piest went missing. However, before vanishing in thin air, he told his mother that he was about to have a discussion with a contractor regarding an opportunity for a higher-paying job. Piest worked in a drug store and this contractor was none other than Gacy himself. Soon, Piest’s family filed for a missing complaint and Gacy was called in questioning.

The cops got extremely suspicious when this contractor aka John Wayne Gacy did not show up. They issued a search warrant and searched the serial killer’s home and found a receipt belonging to the 15-year-old. Furthermore, they even discovered the high school ring of another missing boy named John Szyc.
Officials went on high alert from December 14, 1978, and kept a close eye on Gacy. After they arrested him for handling Marijuana on December 21, 1978, they finally got the opportunity to do a thorough search of his house. They discovered bones in his crawlspace and Gacy verbally confessed to killing 32 young men. The madman even named six of them. By December 30, investigators discovered the remains of 29 individuals.

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